Roxy - Culottes pants – Beacha Swimwear
Roxy - Culottes pants
Roxy - Culottes pants

Roxy - Culottes pants

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Roxy  - Culottes pantsby Beacha swimwear
Feel complete with our one of a kind culotte, which is another way to add chic to the Beacha look (because you know what they say, you can’t be too chic).
Wear it when you go to the beach or while you are watching the sunset, wear it with the top of the swimsuit or with a shirt,
smiling about the wonderful day you just had and what do you know? There’s another one tomorrow.

  • Culottes 
  • Split skirts
  • One size
- Black
-light turquoise

Have a wonderful sunny summer

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