We’ve been trying to hide and cover for years...

Dreading a nip slip while running after the little ones, fantasizing of a swimsuit that will make us complete and oh so sexy, there was always something missing...

Until one spring, we decided to take things into our own hands, and that was the beginning of the rest of our beach lifestyle - along came Beacha.


Beacha Swimwear - Our Story


For inspiration, we just go outside and let the Tel-Avivian summer lead the way. We took that amazing summer, added our own fiery temperament and created happy colorful swimsuits, ones that are not only a statement but also a state of mind.

Once we let the love in, we started working, so you won’t have to.
It took us a while, like any labor of love.

We searched for the best fabrics, with the right feel and quality, with the right color tone we pictured in our minds, we studied unique female bodies and made sure we have a perfect fit for each, a terrific structure for every bust, hip and torso around...

Finally, we had the perfect product. The one we fell in love with completely. We had Beacha.

So, what is Beacha?

Beacha is that eternal feeling of freedom when you really feel complete.
It has spunk, happiness and it will always support you.
It is toning and shaping, colorful and young, updated and chic, quality and tailored to perfection and if we may use a cliche, it is truly your BFF (word to the wise, you can actually have few BFFs and a new one every summer).

So come join our world. It is a world where it is always sunny, cocktails are a must and you are always one piece with yourself. Welcome to Beacha.