Take care of your Beacha :)

Take care of your Beacha! 

To ensure your Beacha maintains its quality over time, be sure to wash it in fresh water after every use, in particular after encountering sea-water or chlorine or gently wash it by hand without soaking. Leave it inside-out for a short dry in the sun. 

Avoid washing in the washing machine, 

Do not use materials which contain bleach or stain removers, 

Don't iron  

Do not leave a wet swimsuit in a bag 

And don't dry it in the dryer! 

Try not to have it dried in direct sun for too long  

Treat it with love ... 


If the product arrived damaged or with loose threads for no apparent reason it will be repaired or replaced. 

Only an unused product that has its bottom sticker and product label will be replaced.